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Who employs the staff?
All our Care Workers are employed directly by Care & Support24 which allows us to constantly monitor the quality of the service provided and ensures that we deliver the service we promise to you.

Are your staff insured?
We provide comprehensive insurance for all our staff as a matter of course.

Do you provide continuity of care?
We operate small teams of Care Workers so customers will know who is going to visit them, ensuring a friendly rapport between client and Care Worker and continuity of the service provided.

What happens if my Care Worker is absent?
If your Care Worker scheduled for that day is away from work with illness or on annual leave, they will be replaced by another suitable qualified Care Worker.

Are your staff well trained?
We provide an initial 12-week training course, followed by regular refresher training and ongoing development.

What if I don’t get on with my Care Worker?
All our Care Workers are employed on the basis that they are friendly and professional, however, if you have any concerns with a member of staff, please notify us straight away and we will discuss the matter further.

Is there a fee for the initial assessment?
We provide all our assessments free of charge, with no obligation or pressure. We do not employ sales people. One of our Care24 Team Leaders will visit you at home to discuss your needs.

Can I make changes to my package?
Your package is tailored to your needs, so if at any point it needs changing, we can do that and implement the new plan as soon as possible.

What if I need more care and am struggling to stay at home?
We have two Extra Care Schemes in Kidderminster that may be suitable for you, if you want to live independently but within a supportive, community environment, and have access to on-site care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do I have to pay the entrance fee for my Support Worker at events and activities they accompany me to?
Yes, as part of the Support24 costs, you will also have to cover any charges incurred on behalf of the Support Worker at your chosen event/activity.

Will my Support Worker be wearing a uniform?
Our Support Workers do not wear uniforms, which means when you are out and about with them, you can both feel relaxed and enjoy the activity you are taking part in.

Will I be allowed to attend Support24 events at a Scheme I don’t live at?
We offer a range of activities and events across our Independent Living and Extra Care Schemes, as well as day trips. As a customer of Support24, you are entitled to attend these activities and enjoy the communal facilities on offer. Charges may apply for some activities.

Can I contact you outside of normal office hours?
amica24, The Community Housing Group’s 24/7 Monitoring & Response Centre, are available to take your call at any point of the day or night when the CS24 offices are closed.